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Welcome to Cybernet Medical - Sorry the MedStar products are discontinued except to support R&D purposes. Cybernet Medical continues to develop unique medical devices under contract. PDF Print

Health care organizations, hospitals, practices, employer-based wellness programs, home care providers, and disease management companies looking for a cost-effective method to improve cardiac and chronic outpatient care now have access to an affordable, accurate and easy-to-use patient monitoring system from Cybernet Medical.

Cybernet Medical's MedStar™ System is the key to a completely scalable, web-based outpatient care solution. MedStar™ hardware and software solutions collect physiological data from patients and their in-home devices (such as scales, respirometers, pulse oximeters, glucometers and blood pressure cuffs), and record it our web-based electronic patient and data management system. Through this system, physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals have immediate access to updated outpatient information. Because our system is SQL database and web tools-based, new parameters, data sources (like your lab results), and patient/data driven reports can be built to match your specifications and patient needs.

MedStar is protected by U.S Patents 5,963,966, 6,050,940, 6,375,614, 6,723,046, 6,875,174, 8,073,712 and 8,079,953.


Patent Spotlight

Cybernet Medical's MedStar System and Methods are protected by four U.S Patents, which are available for licensing to protect your systems as well.

Cybernet Medical Patent List and Licensing.